Physical and mental benefits through boxing.

When you’re increasing your physical efforts, your body will react immediately. Muscles, brain, organs and senses work together in order to manage this demanding situation.

It all starts with an alarm-signal out of the brain.  This signal mobilizes the body and prepares all that is necessary to respond.
Simultaneously, quantities of hormones are released to support and sharpen your body and mind (adrenaline).  The heartbeat and respiration increase in speed and capacity.

Why’s that?

Because of the extra efforts, your muscles need much more oxygen and nutrition.  These components are transported through, and delivered by the arteries and because of this increased need, the heart and respiratory organs have to speed-up.  As you can imagine, the cooperation between heart and lungs has to be mostly effective.

During the exertion, the brain sends all the available blood to the muscles and decreases the metabolism to a minimum. For the metabolism needs blood as well, but in this situation, the muscle tissue has absolute priority. That’s why you shouldn’t eat short before working-out!

When you start boxing, don’t get discouraged when you’re having muscular pain and / or lack of endurance. It will come in time! By holding on, your body will adapt to the increased efforts. Your muscles, heart-lung system and so on will be stronger and more efficient; your senses sharpened and your suppleness / flexibility will proceed. Above that, if you want a ‘stress-burner’, start boxing!

In brief, boxing is one of the most complete sports there are.  However, don’t go too fast.  Take your time.  Hold on and don’t cross your limits.  After a while, you will enjoy the benefits of a stronger body and a relaxed mind.

About the Author

Geert Gielissen
Boxing is my passion, of course. Since 1978, I work for a foundation where (most of the time) adolescents and young adults with social / mental problems are supported in developing social and occupational skills. My job is coaching sports (fitness, cardio, personal training and boxing {of course again}). Boxing is very popular not just for the physical, but also for the mental benefits. That's what I do and I love it! My diplomas are from / /

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