PREDICTION: Erislandy Lara vs. Yuri Foreman

On Friday January 13th, Erislandy Lara will be defending his WBA super welterweight title against Yuri Foreman at the Hialeah Park Racing & Casino in Florida.  What’s my prediction?

Seriously, Lara is winning this; it’s Lara by knock out in the 6th round.  Regardless of how it ends, Lara will be the victor barring a cut, a disqualification, getting punched out of the ring & hurting his ankle….  They both only had one fight in 2016, but look at who their opponents… Foreman fought Jason Davis and Lara fought Vanes Martirosyan.  If that isn’t a clear indicator, look at their opponents before their last fight.

Lara is too good.  It’s why he is avoided by other fighters in the division.  Foreman, on the other hand, has a nice record but hits like a sticky pile of pancakes; yeah, it might be annoying, but it’s not going to hurt you.

Erislandy Lara got this.

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