Punter Talk: Analyst Malignaggi Predicts Yet another McGregor Loss in 2018 Pipeline

Boxing news from Bookie land recently anticipates the odds against Conor McGregor if he gets another brawl next year. After his loss against Mayweather just recently, ex-boxer and present analyst Paulie Malignaggi tentatively articulated a 0-2 plummet for the imminent season. Credible forthcoming adversary for a resentful brawl comes in the form of analyst Paulie and as visualized by bookies’proclamations, the ex-boxer might have an unpretentious perimeter over the double weight fighter with 1/2.

Ex-Fighter Assumption

Paulie, who will soon celebrate his thirty-seventh birthday two months from now, has taken on several occasions exchanging fists with ‘the Notorious’ in true team spirit. While their brawls most certainly did include anarbitrator, both boxers have diverse outlooks on the game. Conor posted a couple of pictures of him bashing up Paulie while campaigner Dana White released a small video of Conor dubiously cracking up veteran Malignaggi with a shove and a punch as discerned by spectators.

Return to MMA!?

Grounding work for the concluding defeat to Mayweather was instantaneous subsequent to the assumption Conor and Paulie could gain access to a bash up in the future. It will become an impressive rejoinder for Malignaggi which has not yet been confirmed by the Conor. There is no doubt for the commentator-cum-analyst to regain his previous composure after a long superannuation period and clutching a microphone since the past few years to make a revival for MMA.

There are many contenders who want a brawl against McGregor and are aiming for the subsequent lightweight trophy which includes Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson along with Khabib Nurmagomedov in the outlook for next year.

All Hype on Boxing

The overall boxing scenario is no doubt a broad one and offers a lot apart from sheer stimulation. Betting on sports including boxing and MMA is trending as Conor had made bets on himself at the battle with Mayweather. Similarly boxing lovers take great pleasure in betting on their favorites and obtain good ‘deals’ from bookies and sports books across the globe. All the latest no deposit free bets in the UK also relate closely to boxing and wannabe bettors can make good use of such portals for a gratis crack. We recommend choosing recognized portals for any upcoming brawl with Conor which deliver remarkable perks for new members at registration and bonuses for existing players on betting sites.

Uncertain Milieu

With the situation of Paulie and Conor, the anticipation of the Irishman getting another stint with Floyd Mayweather Jr is now non-existent with his recent loss. This also includes Paulie does not giving his consent to a fight at the arenas. Only time will tell if Paulie encounters Conor in the future!

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