Site rebuild update.

angry-personThis site is slowly starting to resemble something… useful.  I have been struggling to rebuild the home page of the site to resemble what you remember.  That seems to be a project for another time as I have spent two days researching and not finding the solutions I need.  Instead, I jumped into putting the content back on the site.  I have started in the training section which is  how BOXING 4 FREE began back in 2004.  It’s a long, tedious process, but I am getting there.

I have come to the conclusion that I may not be able to rebuild the site exactly the way it was laid out before.  However, in many ways, I see improvements. The first of which is that the latest blog post, podcast episode, interview, etc. will be on the front page, in its entirety.  No need to click around to get to the latest content.

I also made some observations.  As some of you know, I am a BIG Microsoft fan, but even with Internet Explorer 11, I can see that the pages don’t display the content correctly in some instances.  If you have Firefox or Chrome, the pages display the way I intended them to.  Hopefully, Microsoft will make some more updates to get its browser to display content, like WordPress sites, accurately.

Oh, I want to give a special thanks to the RETROIST.  He has been aiding me immensely and has provided plenty of motivation.  Thank you!  So if you’re a fan of all things RETRO, check out his site.

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Justin M. Salvato
Justin M. Salvato is the creator & owner of BOXING 4 FREE. He's a former amateur boxer, former USA Boxing coach, and former boxing fitness instructor. These days he enjoys vintage computing, retro video games, and talking tech. He also writes a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer and Life with Microsoft.

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