Sparring: Just like the old days

TrainingIconAlmost three weeks ago, I sparred for the first time in six years.  I did not feel that great sparring.  My biggest complaint I had about that that sparring session was my immobility.  I just stood there absorbing shots.  Today, I sparred and felt a lot better which is odd because what my coach doesn’t know is that my right arm has been pretty useless since the last sparring session.

Apparently I hurt my shoulder.  What you’ll see in the sparring video from today is that I rarely throw the right hand.  Granted the first round was jab only, but even in rounds two and three, I didn’t throw it much.  The few times I did, the right hand wasn’t wild.  Which is good as that may have aggravated the injury some more.

I sparred newbie Jesse Lara.  He sparred once before, but that was very light, so all intents and purposes, this was his first time sparring.  Considering that, he did quite well.  I also sparred open-class boxer Quentin Branch.  Sadly, the memory card on my camera ran out of space and didn’t capture the two rounds I sparred with him.

I have a few bruises on my face and nose, but I actually feel better today than I did three weeks ago.  I felt more like myself old self for the first time in a  long time.

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