Staff predictions for Miguel Cotto vs Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

CottoAlvarezThThe BOXING 4 FREE staff is back to give their opinions about this Saturday’s big fight between Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto versus Mexico’s Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.  Which writer(s) do you think has the correct prediction for this fight?  Feel free to leave your feedback at the end of the post.

Justin M. Salvato 

I’m going to go with the old adage that the bigger good fighter will beat the smaller good fighter.  In this case, Canelo is naturally bigger than Cotto, possesses a solid-chin, and can hit hard, therefore Canelo beats Cotto by stoppage in the late rounds.  Though Cotto’s boxing skills are superior to Alvarez’s, at some point in the fight Cotto will quit boxing and trade with the bigger fighter; that will be his undoing.

Andrew Schweitzer 

CottoCaneloPosterThis could be a case of our eyes deceiving us: How good are BOTH these guys, really?

Canelo looked unstoppable against James Kirkland but don’t forget that Kirkland had been out of the ring for almost a year and a half. I thought that Erislandy Lara outboxed him and that he was lucky to win with the scores he did.

Miguel Cotto looks like the Miguel Cotto of old but when you’re fighting a one-legged Sergio Martinez and a Daniel Geale who had recently been taken out by GGG in the same fashion less than a year earlier, it’s hard to tell where you really stand.

This apparant optical illusion of their dominance may have set up a mega fight but I don’t think the excitement that fans are anticipating is a mirage of any sort. Both of these guys are trying to prove themselves.

Canelo wants to use this victory as a stepping stone to becoming the best fighter of his generation-something he tried against Floyd Mayweather and came up very short (Remember what I said about illusions of dominance).

 Miguel Cotto wants to win this so that he can finally say that he took out one of the big names of the sport while they were still in or around their prime (As impressive as the Martinez victory was, Sergio hadn’t fought in a year and was suffering greatly as he got older). More importantly, this will give him a chance to earn his home country of Puerto Rico a much-coveted win over a native son of rival Mexico.

 I have a habit of sometimes betting against Canelo and occasionally I end up on the wrong side of the decision (I was stupid to pick Angulo; the judges were stupid to give the Lara fight to Saul) so this time I’m going with Canelo Alvarez. I just think that he’s a stronger fighter at this point in his career and if he does get hurt, I don’t think he will wilt. I’ve rewatched the fights where Cotto was really beaten up by Margarito and Pacquiao and after a while, he just starts to wilt under the physical and mental pressure. Even though he wasn’t getting hurt against Austin Trout, I still sensed that wilt.

 I think Canelo stops Cotto in 11 rounds.

 Hector Franco 

I’ll agree with Andrew. This fight may be the battle of the mirages. Which fighter is the real deal? The question brought up by recent opponents has fan’s questioning what they are actually seeing. I have always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to Alvarez and he may finally prove me wrong this upcoming Saturday. I don’t see this happening unless age proves to be the biggest factor in the bout. Alvarez is a slow-footed, mid range hooker who tends to take half of many rounds off. While Alvarez can become very creative with his combination punching he needs an opponent to constantly be in front of him to display this skill. Cotto will move in this bout but I don’t believe he will move as much as he did against Antonio Margarito but, move just enough to off set Canelo’s offense. Cotto will use an ambush style attack of jumping in with combinations and moving back out. When both fighters began to trade, which will happen, I see Cotto’s combination of the right hook to the body and left hook up top landing consistently.  I know I am likely alone and going against the majority of experts but I see Cotto stopping Canelo in the later rounds, maybe in the ninth. If what turns out to be a great fight and a fight of the year candidate I will be more than happy to be proven wrong.

Judi Abate 

I have always been a Cotto fan and I think his experience will help him win this fight.

Well it looks like the staff is once again split 2-2 in fight predictions. Hopefully this match lives up to the hype and we are all treated to an early holiday gift.

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Hector Franco
Graduated from USF. Photographer, boxing writer, comedian. 100% Puerto Rican.

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  1. Cotto all day long. I believe Cotto actually beat mayweather in their fight (even though the judges felt differently)and Alvarez didnt even come close to mayweathers skills.

    Alvarez has a good chin so he will take a beating
    Cotto win Unanimous

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