Staff predictions for Timothy Bradley vs Brandon Rios

CommentaryIconThis is a very interesting fight, because I feel like Brandon Rios is always trying to prove that he’s more than a come-forward brawler. Tim Bradley is always trying to prove that he’s the real deal and one of the best in the world.   It will also be interesting due to the fact that Bradley is bringing in Teddy Atlas as a trainer and  claims to have brought incredible results in training.

Andrew Schweitzer

I like Bradley in this fight mainly, because he’s the better boxer, the one with the better record overall and has fought the better level of opposition.  What he has to be careful about is not abandoning his game-plan and deciding to slug it out with Rios like he sometimes has a habit of doing (Watch his fight with Ruslan Provodnikov to see what I mean).  He can’t do that with Rios, who if nothing else is a hard puncher.

But I think Tim’s going to outbox Rios and may even surprise him with the shots he lands. Look for Tim to win a wide unanimous decision of 118-110.

Justin M. Salvato

I expect fireworks from the Timothy Bradley – Brandon Rios fight.  I believe that, because Timothy Bradley likes to fight and comes in great shape every time.  Rios, in my opinion, is one-dimensional and boring.  Bradley is a more well rounded fighter than Rios, couple that with his higher work-rate and Rios’ solid chin, I see Bradley winning a decision.  Then again, if Bradley gives Rios fits like Diego Chaves did and the right referee is presiding, perhaps Rios can get a sympathy win…

Hector Franco

There are many factors leading into this match-up that make it a toss up.  Anytime there is a sudden change in trainers it makes me skeptical and while Timothy Bradley is never one to slack in training he hasn’t, in my opinion, looked good since the Marquez fight two years ago.  Even against Jesse Vargas this past June anytime Vargas actually let his hands go he was able to back Bradley up and take control of the bout.  Vargas was unable to  keep this up, but someone like Brandon Rios will be able to keep it up and do so with better technique.  Rios is a 5 to 1 underdog and seems like a good bet seeing the shape and focus that he is in for the bout and Bradley can be dragged into a war.  Rios’ work on the inside is underrated and in close quarters, if Bradley elects to fight on the inside, will give Rios an advantage.  I see a close bout where Bradley takes the lead over the first half of the bout and we see Rios come on in the second half leaving Timothy Bradley to survive rather than win.  I’ll take a leap of faith here and roll with the underdog Brandon Rios to win a close, but clear decision over Timothy Bradley.  The switch in trainers makes me a skeptic as to which Timothy Bradley will show up.

Judi Abate

Not too sure, but I’d go with Rios.  Rios seem to be a stronger fighter.


Well the BOXING 4 FREE staff has it 2 for Bradley and 2 for Rios.  Looking forward to an entertaining match this Saturday.

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