Taking the Boxing World By Storm: Bobby Gunn Jr. (part one)

SmallGunnJrBobby Gunn Jr. (4-0) 4 KO’s is an eighteen year old, up and coming welterweight. His undefeated record is impressive; noted, that all of his victories came by first round knockouts.  As the son of former cruiser-weight champion, Bobby Gunn, it’s been an extensive teaching experience for the young Gunn. Bobby Jr. is very humble, respectful, and honest.  He has a genuine love for the sport, and also natural talent which will help him on his journey towards a world title. Bobby Jr. has the drive, dedication, and discipline to be a dangerous competitor in the welterweight division.


Let’s meet Bobby:

Q  What made you want to be a boxer?
A  Boxing has been always apart of my life growing up with my dad and being there through all his training camps it’s all I ever known and what I’ve always wanted to do.

Q  Have you always liked boxing?
A  Yes, always have and I always will it’s the love of my life.

Q  Tell us a little about your amateur career?
A  I didn’t have a big amateur career only 25 fights.  I won 23 but I had a lot of junior fights. My first one was at 9 years old.

Q  How do you describe your boxing style?
A  My style is a boxer/puncher.

Q  Boxers often say boxing saved their lives.  Do you feel that way?
A  Yes and no, boxing is my life.  I love it but I’m a Christian and I feel like God deserves all the credit.

Q  What is your best punch?
A  My best punch is my left hook.

Q  Did you idolize any fighters growing up?
A  I love Carlos Monzon, Roberto Duran, Tony Zale, Sugar Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Oscar de la Hoya.  The list could go on forever.

Q  What motivates you to step into the ring?
A  Growing up as a kid watching TV and some of my favorites win world titles and I always said to my self one day that will be me.  That’s what motivates me.

Q  Who is your trainer?
A  My trainers are my Dad and I also work with Dominic Scibetta.  I have a great team.

Q  Where do you train?
A  I train at Global Boxing in Jersey City.  One of the best gyms around.  Great atmosphere and fighters.  I love it.

Q  Favorite part of training?
A  My favorite part is when you see the results of all your hard work.

Q  Least favorite part of training?
I have no least favorite part.  I love it. Sure it’s hard and there are days that you don’t wanna train but I push my self because it’s all worth it in the end.

Q  What is your greatest strength as a fighter?
A  My greatest strength as a fighter is trusting in The Lord and having a dad like I have.  I’ve been around great fighters growing up and it’s experience that can’t be bought.

Q  What needs improvement?
A  I’m a student of the game.  There’s so much to learn and so much improvement needed.

Q  What would you like to accomplish in the sport?
A  I wanna be a world champion and show people you can do anything.  It’s not just about being a boxer: whatever job or task a person has it’s gonna be hard but it’s not impossible if you work hard.  Anything is possible.

Q  What separates you from the other fighters in your weight class?
A  I’m in a loaded weight class with great talent  I’m still young and have a lot to prove.  I don’t know what separates me yet but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Q  Best thing about being a fighter?
A  The best thing about being a fighter is everyone can play football, basketball and baseball but you can’t play boxing.  If it was easy everyone would do it.

Q  If you didn’t box, what would be your career choice?
A  Honestly I don’t know.  It definitely be involved with sports ( ha-ha).

Q  Favorite fighters right now?
A  I’m a big Canelo Alvarez fan, Miguel Cotto and I like Chris Algeri, I think he’s a great technician, beautiful boxer.

Q  What advice would you give someone wanting to box?
Keep your hands up and have fun going to the gym everyday.  You don’t just get better as a fighter but also as a person: it disciplines you.

Q  Finish this sentence:  Boxing is…….
A  Boxing is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.  When you get knocked down, always get up never quit.

Q  How can we improve the sport of boxing?
A  Being around my dad, I learned boxing has its leeches.  It’s never going to be perfect with the promoters and managers, maybe if they made less titles and done it like the golden era where the best fight the best no excuses.

Some World Famous Diva Questions:

Q  Favorite color?  My Favorite color is black.

Favorite food?  That’s a hard one I’d have to say Italian.

Describe yourself in 3 words?  Quite, humble, nerdy ha-ha.

Q  Worst habit?  My trainers would say dropping my left hand.

Q  What scares you?  I’m terrified of bugs.

Tell us something about you that might surprise people?  I’m a pretty big nerd.  I play a lot of games but I’ve stopped recently.  I’m to tired from training camp (ha-ha).

Q  What is the best part of your body?  I guess my core.

Q  If you could have a superpower what would it be?  Shape shifting.

Favorite music?  I can listen to anything really.  I don’t have a favorite.

Q  Favorite TV show?  Breaking Bad and River Monsters.

Q  If you could be an animal what would you be?  A turtle.  I’m so slow.

Q  Favorite junk food?  I love all junk food.  It’s too hard pick.

Q  The one thing that annoys you the most about people?  When someone lies.

Q  One thing you couldn’t live without?  Jesus.

Q  Your favorite flavor of ice-cream?  Cookie dough or Cookies and cream.

Q  If your cellphone fell in the toilet what would you do?  Cry

Q  Away from boxing what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  I like being alone and relaxing, seeing a movie or spending time with my family.

If you could go one round with any boxer in history, who would you choose?  If I could go one round, there’s so many to choose from …. Well more like survive one round, it’d be Sugar Ray Robinson: the greatest of all time.

Q  Other sports you’re into?  Soccer, football and baseball .

A message to your fans:  First I wanna thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me, I really appreciate it and to all my fans – I love you.  Thanks for always encouraging me. God bless!

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