Thanksgiving Blessings

thanksMy how quickly this year has flown by. In a few days we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.  Between grocery shopping, last minute to-do lists, house cleaning and running those almost forgotten errands it’s so hard to find the time to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and reflect on the many blessings you have received during the past year.

An anonymous philosopher once said, “Count your blessings and not your troubles.”  I believe those are excellent words to live by all year round.  I have been given an abundance of wonderful and inspirational blessings this year and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a few very special people:

I am thankful to BOXING 4 FREE for their continued support of my journalistic endeavors.

I am thankful to all the fighters that I have had the pleasure to interview this year.

I am thankful to my pal Bobby Gunn Sr. for knowing when it was time to hang up his gloves.

I am thankful to Amy Green; my partner in crime for everything boxing.

I am thankful to my fans who continue to read my interviews and articles no matter how unscripted they turn out to be.

I am thankful to all the behind-the-scene people in the boxing community especially the hardworking publicists. (My interview connection.)

I am thankful to my critics who give me pause to consider all sides of an issue.

I am thankful for the ability to put words on the page that both educate and entertain boxing fans.


Most importantly, I am thankful to my family and friends for their support in keeping me grounded, encouraging me in all I do and reminding me writing is a gift that should be shared.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Judi Abate - "Boxing Diva"
Judi Abate, the "Boxing Diva", has been interviewing the fighting community since 2007. Her trademark questions are sassy and unpredictable. She has contributed work to Diamond Boxing, Boxing Rant, and WBAN. Away from the PC she enjoys reading, shopping and painting. Her dream interview is Oscar De La Hoya.

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