The case for Chris Algieri.

CommentaryIconChris Algieri lost his WBO junior lightweight title to Manny Pacquiao in a very one-sided fight.  In the 9th round, Max Kellerman went to the corner of Algieri to speak about the fight plan.  Max asked Algieri’s trainer what was the plan.  He said he wouldn’t reveal it until after the fight.  Clearly, there wasn’t a plan.  In fact, Algieri’s trainer, who doesn’t deserve to be named, said Algieri was about to put Pacquiao “to sleep”.  Yes, he was definitely boring Pacquiao, but I think he was talking about getting a knock out.  Yeah.  A few seconds after that comment, Manny knocked down Chris.  Here’s what Chris did right and wrong.


Chris Algieri fought the way I would have suggested for someone of his height and reach to fight: on the outside.  Chris made Manny miss  a lot by rolling away from many of the punches.  He used a lot of footwork to keep Manny from standing right in front of him.  All of this is good but he was missing a few things from the fight plan.

Feints.  Chris has a good head snapping jab, but without using feints on a guy who is constantly moving himself (Pacquiao), those jabs will rarely land.

Counters.  Chris tried to counter from time to time.  It was very seldom.  They say in boxing that you must make your opponent miss and then make him pay.  He got the fight part right, but he rarely took advantage of Pacquiao falling in, hands down, swinging away at him.  Perfect opportunity to land a counter right, maybe follow it up with a lead uppercut.  Chris didn’t do it.

The last thing, and most importantly, in this case, power.  Without power in Chris’ punches, how would he make Manny respect him?  Make him leery of rushing in?  Chris’ power punches are… far from powerful.  Manny knew this going in and threw caution to the wind and made Chris Algieri look like an amateur.

Hopefully Chris will improve all of this and work his way back up to a title fight.  First thing first, get rid of the trainer who had no clue what he was in for.

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