The Hardest Sport To Back? Top Tips For Having A Punt On Boxing

Boxing is one of the most unpredictable sports on the planet.  It takes just one hit to sway from one fighter’s favor to another.  Which makes betting on the sport even harder.

Naturally some fights are easier to back than others, but you won’t get much of a return on those either. When it comes to the more unpredictable fights however, there’s plenty you need to take into account.


Be Careful With The Accumulator

An accumulator can be a great way to boost your odds, betting on every fight on the undercard through to the main event.  One wrong result though and it’s a knockout for you too.


Picking up Acca Insurance is often a good way around this as if your bet loses by just one bout them you’ll receive your stake back and not completely miss out.


Study Previous Fights

Studying previous fights will allow you to understand how a boxer has fought not only in recent bouts but against fighters of a similar style to their opponent.


This can often be good insight as there’s not necessarily much point in backing an early knockout against a southpaw if a fighter struggles against them.


Likewise, if a fighter tends to back off against opponents with a longer reach, again, it’s not worth backing the early KO.


Don’t Back Style Over Substance

Big knockouts and fancy footwork may be great to watch, but don’t go all in thinking it’ll get the job done.


You only need to look at Floyd Mayweather to know that being calm, collected and measured can get you a whole lot further.


Tyson Fury is a similar example.  While he may act the fool outside the ring, he’s incredibly tactical within it, which could prove to be key in his fight against Deontay Wilder in the coming months.


If You Can, Research The Referee

Of course, it’s not always about the two fighters and referees can hold great sway in how a fight goes.


A referee who allows fighters to go toe-to-toe will have more chance of a knockout compared to one that has a habit of calling breaks as soon as someone gets on the inside.


There are numerous examples of this down the years and it can be a real disaster for a bet, purely based on the referee involved in the bout.


It’s well worth taking into account along with the above as bouts rarely go exactly how we initially think. Study the form, study the scenario and you could well be handing a knockout blow to the bookmakers!

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