The HOT list.

CommentaryIconWith all the testosterone swirling in the air around the boxing community, I felt it was time for the Boxing Diva, an avid boxing aficionado, to share with fellow boxing fans the unequivocal knowledge of boxer’s hotness.  I know it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. (Smiles)

Yes, you read correctly: boxing.  Fisticuffs, with its swollen eyes, broken noses, bloody cuts, and swollen lips has never been considered a “pretty sport with beautiful people.”  Yet, within its ranks you will find some of the most handsome, well-built, talented, good hearted and yummy men in all of sports.

It’s my pleasure to uncover the Adonis’s who excitingly weave, punch, shuffle and jab in the squared circle.  Move over baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and football… boxing is definitely a sport of ‘hotness’ and these boxers are much more than just a pretty face.  They have the power to ‘knock you out’ in every sense of the word.

The 10 Most Handsome Men In Professional Boxing


Number 10:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. – They don’t call him pretty boy for nothing.

Number 9:  Felix Strum – Incredibly handsome.

Number 8:  Miguel Cotto – Ultimate essence of good looks and mysteriously handsome.

Number 7:  Adonis Stevenson – Sweet, creamy and caramel all over handsome.

Number 6:  Glen Tapia – Blossomed into a hunk handsome.


Number 5:  Bernard Hopkins – Hot chocolate handsome.

Number 4:  Lucas Matthysse – Oh-so-handsome.

Number 3:  Delvin Rodriguez – Hot , spicy 1000 watt smile handsome.

Number 2:  Oscar de la Hoya – Major concentration of hotness. ( I just
couldn’t leave out Oscar.)

And the Most Handsome Man in Professional Boxing today is……


Number 1: Sergio Martinez – Knock out handsome… super hunky…. and drop dead gorgeous pick me up off the floor handsome.

Honorable mention:

Chris Algieri – Mega gorgeous.

Danny McDermott – Oo la la handsome.

Joe Hanks – Ruggedly handsome .

Gerry Cooney – Forever handsome.

Bobby Gunn Jr. and Saul Alvarez – Baby-face adorable.

Kell Brook – Dangerously handsome.

One must remember, that boxing is a sport not like all the others and it is wise for these quietly handsome men to make use of whatever is available to them (including good looks.) They can increase their fan base, receive more publicity shots, and appear in numerous interviews as a way to promote their assets as well as to keep boxing strong.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Everyone has their own ideas on what qualifies a man for this list, but in the end everyone wins. We can happily agree to disagree and that is the beauty of it all.

*These views do not reflect the views of BOXING 4 FREE.

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