Training log: Week 1 – not the best start

Now that I’m back in training and plan on fighting again, I thought it would be a good idea to record my activities.  Last week was my first week back in a gym in quite some time.  Here’s how my first week of training went.

Gotta wear bright yellow so the drivers see me.

Gotta wear bright yellow so the drivers see me.

To sum up, not too well.  I do realize I can be hard on myself, but this is not a sport to take lightly.

Monday started off well, got up shortly before 5 AM, suited up, jogged around the neighborhood in 5 degree weather.  I was planning on going to the gym, but something came up with the family and had to postpone the gym until Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I once again got up before most of the residents in my town and went for a job in 8 degree weather.  I think the wind only travels in one direction in this town, because when I get to the edge of town, turn around and make my way back up, the wind hits me hard.  Chills my face and makes the jogging harder than it already is.  After work, I made my way to Jose Toledo’s gym.  I may do a story about him and his situation eventually.  After loosening up, I preceded to shadowbox to warm up, then Jose hit me with about 40 minutes of abdominal/core work.  Then I had to do some cardio on the heavybags.

Wednesday…  I tried just get through the day with the soreness from the previous day’s work out.  There was also much pain in my upper hips, mostly likely a strain which lasted for days.  So bad in fact that it hurt to sit then get back up.  Had to make it a point NOT to sit at work.

Thursday I did some light cardio and Friday I did another morning jog.  I was supposed to go to the gym Friday night, but my scatter brain forgot that I had an appointment to get an oil change.

Week one was a disappointment and week two isn’t shaping up to be much better; I feel a cold coming on.  I just gotta work through it.

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