Skipping Rope

When you think of jumping rope (or skipping rope), what do you picture? Probably a boxer in a gym. Seems logical. After all, skipping rope and boxing go back many years.

I taught boxing fitness classes not that long ago. The point of those classes is to exercise and lose weight through boxing. Whenever a new student comes in and sees that there is rope skipping involved, they start running for the door. There’s a fear of skipping rope. Some are afraid of the pain associated with it, for example, the pain in your shoulders. I have to explain that the pain is only temporary. Most people starting out get that pain because they have never skipped rope consistently. Another reason people fear skipping rope is that they are worried about their coordination; they don’t want to look bad in front of other people. Once again, I had to explain that just about EVERYONE looks awkward in the beginning. Skipping rope is not a natural action. Which is a good reason to do it!

Skipping rope not only works on your stamina, but you footwork and coordination as well. It trains your feet and legs to move smoothly. Trains your lower body to do one thing, while the upper body does another, just as you would in a boxing match. It’s never a good idea to plant your feet and throw punches. Instead, you should learn how to hit AND move. Sometimes you have to roll while stepping out of harms way. Other times you have to double-step while you’re double-jabbing to get in range to throw the cross. From the fighting aspect of boxing, skipping rope is a great exercise.

Most boxers begin their work-out by skipping rope. It’s a great way to warm up. A few rounds of jumping rope or ten minutes is a great way to loosen the muscles before stretching. Keep in mind, you’re not skipping rope at full speed or intensity during this time. At the end of a work-out, a boxer may skip rope for twenty to thirty minutes to burn more calories before calling it a day.

So fear not the rope. Embrace it! Twenty dollars for an exercise device is really cheap. So if you’re looking to lose weight, grab the rope. If you want to be a competitive boxer, GRAB THE ROPE!

For more information on the benefits of skipping rope, visit: WebMD