Speed Bag

The speed bag is a tricky piece of equipment for anyone using it for the first time.  You don’t have to be a great boxer to be able to use it.  I know; I’ve seen people who can’t throw a punch properly, but can bang that speed bag like a drum.  Well, we all have to start somewhere, so try the “down count method” if you need a simple introduction to hitting the speed bag.  Video after the break.

The “down count method” is exactly what it sounds like; counting down from a high number to a low number.  In this case, hit the bag at the count of 5, then hit again at 4, then hit again at 3, then 2 then 1.  Do that with just one arm.  When you reach 1, switch arms and start again at 5.  When you reach 1, switch arms and start at 4.  When you reach 1, switch arms, and repeat.  When you hit 1, switch arms, then start at 3. And so on until you count to 1 on both arms and you are hitting the bag repeatedly, alternating arms.   If that sounds complicated, just watch the video.