Our arms can move in many directions. But in boxing, we label the ways in which the arm travels to deliver a punch. A straight punch from the lead hand will always be a jab, a punch from the rear hand that travels horizontally across the body will always be a cross, etc. etc.. The fighter whose blows are quick, straight, and thrown with proper body mechanics, is going to possess the more effective punch.

Keeps these things in mind to execute a proper boxing stance.

  • Keep your chin down. You’ll hear this alot.
  • Keep your teeth slightly clenched. If you get hit, keeping your mouth closed will better your chance of not getting knocked out. And you’re less likely to lose any teeth.
  • Keep your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. If you have have too wide of a stance, your mobility will be limited. You will not be able to move quickly. If your feet are too close, you will be off balanced.
  • Keep your elbows close to your body. This protects your body and saves you energy, because you are not wasting any energy holding your elbows up.
  • Keep your hands up. This will allow you to pick off (block & parry) punches. The left hand should be held slightly out.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent.

Here are my rules when throwing a punch.

  • Keep your chin down. If you leave your head up, you are at risk of getting knocked out.
  • For the jab and the cross, be sure to protect your chin by making sure its leaning on the arm that is extended.
  • The hand that is not punching should be close to the face or resting on it. Again, you want to protect your chin. Some instructors advise to keep your hand on your chin, others will say to put it on your temple. Find what is comfortable for you, but do not leave your chin open.