Untouchables Boxing Club needs your help

GoodCauseEarlier this year, Untouchables Boxing Club, located in Liberty, New York, had to shut its doors due to a fire on the premises. The cause is still unknown. Owner and trainer, Jose Toledo, lost most of his boxing memorabilia. None of which can be replaced. He also lost much of his equipment, including the boxing ring. Though the club has relocated itself inside a fitness gym in Monticello, New York, no boxing gym is complete until it has a ring and Coach Toledo needs your help to get it.

Untouchables Boxing Club is more than a boxing gym.  It’s a refuge for the youth of the area.  It is there that Coach Toledo instills the idea that education & sports can keep kids out of trouble and provide them with an opportunity to do big things in life.  At the Liberty location, the kids would come into the gym, do their homework, watch educational videos and documentaries (some on boxing of course) then get to training. Some of the kids compete, some just train.   For those that compete, a ring is needed to round out their training. You can only go so far without sparring and sparring needs to be done in a ring.  Boxing rings are far from cheap.  If you want to help Coach Jose Toledo replace the boxing ring that was lost in the fire, please visit his GoFundMe page and make a donation.

Ron McNair on left.  Coach Jose Toledo on right.

Ron McNair on left. Coach Jose Toledo on right.

Coach Toledo wrapping Kelley's hands.

Coach Toledo wrapping Kelley’s hands.


Typical day at the Untouchables Boxing Club


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