Update on my boxing training: pain

TrainingIconMy so-called comeback has been going well.  Slow, very slow, but well none-the-less.  Thinking back to my last fight, back in March of 2006, I trained a long time before I felt comfortable about taking a fight.  I started training in August of 2005, but I was 29 years old by the time of the fight.  At 37, things are going very slow and very painful.


To make a long story short, I have an excruciating pain in my right hip whenever I do strenuous abdominal exercises.  This pain isn’t new.  I had this pain as far back as I could remember, but I only feel it during those exercises.  In the past, I always found an excuse to avoid certain exercises, but this time I wanted to see if I could fight through the pain.  I’m ashamed to type that I couldn’t.

Some folks around me was convinced it was hernia, though there wasn’t a bulge.  To be sure, I made an appointment with my doctor.  He then sent me to get x-rays and to see an orthopedic doctor.  After some 120 dollars in co-pays and some painful leg motions from the orthopedic specialist,  I am told that this is an hip impingement.  Keep in mind that I don’t ever feel this pain unless I’m doing those exercises, so what the doctor said next makes me nervous.  In so many words, he said it can get worse and when I start having pain from walking, to get back to him.

So this is where I am in my training.  I’ll write another post about I break 180 pounds and get into the 170s.  Or if I start sparring again.  THAT should be fun..

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