WBC wants 5 judges for major title fights

As most die hard boxing fans know, professional boxing judging can be frustrating. Many of us fear what how the judges viewed the fight we all watched. A personal example is the first Marco Antonio BarreraErik Morales fight. Many, if not most, thought Barrera won that fight with some of the most brutal body work seen in boxing during that time. He was amazingly aggressive and took as well as he gave (I know, usually reversed). Then the scorecards were read and the decision went to Morales. One of the belts on the line that night was the World Boxing Council‘s Super Bantamweight title.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, the WBC board supports a proposal which would put 5 judges on future major world title fights. Nothing is set in stone as state and national commissions would have to get involved to implement this proposal.

I believe it’s a good first step for the system we have in place which is multiple private bodies owning the title belts. There is no one organization like Major League Baseball or the National Football League to oversee & regulate these matters. So it’s up to the organizations themselves to propose solutions to the issues.

Read more about this proposal here.

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