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CommentaryIconDon’t you love it when you go to bed, excited to make a podcast the next morning and then you wake up only to find that you lost your voice in the middle of the night?

If you’re me the answer is no, I do not love it. So instead of giving you a podcast full of sound clips, observations, analysis and snark that you can listen to at work or at the gym, you now have to read a blog and hope that your boss doesn’t catch you while you pretend that you’re actually doing your job. So try to sit back and relax as I go over this past weekend’s big fights.

Mares vs Santa Cruz

I was surprised that Abner Mares came out so fast the way he did, almost like he was trying to go for a first round knockout. And he seemed to have success as he wasn’t allowing Santa Cruz to get the distance he wanted to get off his shots. At the same time, he needed to keep up that pace because after a while Santa Cruz was able to get the distance he wanted to get of his shots more comfortably.

But it didn’t matter because this fight was awesome from the moment it started until the final bell at the end of round 12. The rounds were incredibly close and the action was nonstop however it was clear that Leo Santa Cruz was the winner of the fight and deserving of the victory.

I think the scores of two of the judges (117-111 twice) might not reflect how close and competitive this fight was but it got the crowd excited and is probably the best fight to air on Premier Boxing Champions. We need more fights like this where a lot is at stake and both guys are willing to put it on the line so that they can have their hand raised at the end of the fight.

I hope if Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz continue to win from this point on that we can expect to see a rematch between these two. They were a credit to the sport that night.

Mosley vs Mayorga II

While Mares vs Santa Cruz was like getting a perfectly seasoned sirloin steak cooked medium-rare, Mosley vs Mayorga was like getting a slightly stale piece of cheesecake for dessert. It’s not like this was terrible but you know that you deserve better.

You’d think that Mayorga, a man who came in grossly overweight at 165 pounds for a fight originally set for 158 pounds, would throw a lot more punches particularly after all that talk about a first round knockout. Granted he threw a lot more punches but they were his usual wild and sloppy looking punches.

But like I’ve said before, Mayorga is Mr. Tune-Up. If you’re a fighter looking to make a comeback against a name opponent and you want to look good, Mayorga is your man. He’ll let you punch him in the face, he’ll talk a lot of trash and do lots of antics to get media attention because he knows that no one is really interested in seeing this fight anyway.

Thankfully this fight didn’t go to the final seconds of the 12th round like their first encounter did, it only took half as long as Mosley stopped Mayorga with a body shot at the end of the sixth round. You could hear the boos from members of the audience and I don’t blame them but they shouldn’t be surprised. Mayorga was just looking for a way out and he probably just claimed it was a low blow so that way his fans can while and say they were really robbed. Personally, I hope this is the last we see of Ricardo Mayorga.

Shane Mosley, to his credit, looked good for a 43-year-old man, but then again, you’re fighting Ricardo Mayorga, the most willing target in the sport. He couldn’t miss with the right hand and despite coming in a bit over, he looked to be in good shape. The question is, who does he fight next-if he does-and who can it be against that will actually provide a more exciting fight. But do we want to see another old champion getting in the ring with another young lion and becoming another example of a great fighter who didn’t know when to call it quits?

That’s what made Mosley retire the first time back in 2013 and I don’t think anyone wants to see it happen again.

My voice permitting, there will be a podcast next week where I’ll give my prediction on Mayweather/Berto (Here’s a hint: No one’s picking Berto (not  even his friends) as well as cover the All Access leading up to the fight.

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