Why I used to fight.

WhyFightEvery once in a while, I run into someone that finds out that I was an amateur boxer.  They ask, “why would anyone want to get hit in the head?”  I have to explain that no one goes into the ring for the sole purpose of getting hit the head.  Actually, most of us would prefer to do the hitting, but we learn some skills along the way to minimize getting hit in return.


I think the question they should be asking is “why would anyone want to compete in the sport of boxing?”  I can’t speak for everyone as there are countless reasons or motivations for getting into the “squared-circle”.

For me, that boxing ring is a stage.  A stage where I can perform my skill to an audience that is focused on just two people; the boxers.  I don’t have to share the attention with 4 other players or a team that has back-up players in the minor leagues..  Once the bell rings, it is just me and my opponent that the crowd is there to see.  Of course, I want to hog the limelight and the way to do that is by winning; hitting my opponent from various angles while making him miss and look foolish. You can’t buy  that feeling of accomplishment.  Once you get a taste of it, you have to have more.

Another reason I fought?  To prove to people that I can.  We all run into people that say you can’t do this or you can’t do that.  I decided not to listen.  I needed to show them that I could.  Deep down, they were probably just feeling insecure about not doing something beyond what they perceive to be possible.  One of the most difficult things a person can do is climb into a boxing ring, knowing that the person in the opposite corner wants to hit you, wants to hurt you.  To overcome that fear and be successful in that activity is the best way to prove to people that I can do it.  And that’s the thing; if I can do it, so can you.  I used to want to prove people wrong because I was angry at them for doubting me, but as I got older, I just wanted to inspire them.


There are many reasons why people fight.  Those are just a couple reasons as to why I fought.  I’m sure if I ever fought again, my reason for doing so will probably be different as I am not the same person as I was 12, 10, or even 8 years ago.

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Justin M. Salvato
Justin M. Salvato is the creator & owner of BOXING 4 FREE. He's a former amateur boxer, former USA Boxing coach, and former boxing fitness instructor. These days he enjoys vintage computing, retro video games, and talking tech. He also writes a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer and Life with Microsoft.

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