Wilder doesn’t care if Breazeale dies in the ring.

Whew! Deontay Wilder hasn’t exactly threatened his opponent, Dominic Breazeale, for this Saturday’s match in Brooklyn, New York, but he might as well have.

According to a USA Today article, Wilder said “And in boxing, you can be able to harm a man to the point of killing a man and get paid for it in the same night. If it happens, I’m not going to apologize. He’s been asking for this all along.

What Wilder is referring to is an incident from 2017 involving Dominic Breazeale and Wilder’s brother. In that same USA Today article, Wilder states, “He told my brother, and it was confirmed by other people that was around, that Breazeale made the statement that ‘I’ll kill you. If my family wasn’t here, I’d kill you and your entire family.’ ” All this came after Dominic and Deontay fought on the same card that same night. Eventually Deontay Wilder confronted Dominic and all hell broke loose.

“I just put my hand in Breazeale’s face and I told him, ‘Never come to my city threatening my family ever. Don’t ever do that,’ ” Wilder said. “And it escalated from there. His coach started pushing and shoving and that’s when my team came in. They entered the building and then it was a whole scuffle.

When it became a whole scuffle, not only was Breazeale running around, but his wife was running around as well, like she was Xena the Warrior Princess, screaming and hollering and doing what she’s doing.’’

If he dies, he dies,’’ Wilder told USA TODAY Sports. “This is boxing. This is not a gentleman’s sport. This is a gladiator’s sport. And with bad blood, we know I possess the power.

The thing about Wilder is that he is always looking for ways to promote a fight, but I find his ways to be problematic. The methods he uses usually paint him as the bad guy. This seems like something more than trying to just hype a fight; Wilder seems genuinely angry with Breazeale. Let’s hope for an exciting fight where both men leave the ring on their own free will and healthy.

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