Wilder vs. Fury round by round break down

Round 1: A lot of movement from Fury. Wilder throwing hard, Fury wraps him up. Fury taunts. Wilder tries to corner him. Fury looks very alert. Nice slip by Fury and Wilder ends in the corner. Wilder looking for the big bomb. Fury rocks Wilder at the end of the round 10-9 Fury

Round 2: Fury dancing again, Wilder getting pretty wide with his punches. Fury pumps the jab. Wilder lands a good combination out of the corner, Fury lands a nice right. Fury taunting repeatedly. Wilder looking reactive when Fury throws or feints. Nice left hook by Wilder. Great 1-2 by Wilder. 10-9 Wilder

Round 3: Both doing some talking in the ring, Fury looking good with movement but Wilder lands a left hand. Fury pumps the jab. Wilder throws a HELL of a right hand but Fury slips beautifully. Wilder’s left eye isn’t looking great. Crazy conclusion
to the round. 10-9 Fury

Round 4: Fury pumps the jab, Wilder is getting closer with the right hand and that’s scary. Fury’s Jab looking good. Wilder is looking to sit on his punches and Fury doesn’t allow that. Wilder looking for that big right but can’t find it. 10-9 Fury

Round 5: Fury has a bloody nose from a Wilder jab on round 4. Body jab by Wilder,A lot of sudden, jittery movements by Fury. They trade jabs. Nice 1-2 by Wilder, the right didn’t land clean. Jabs, movement and great footwork by Fury. Wilder misses with 2 Big shots to finish the round. 10-9 Fury

Round 6: Fury keeps distance, nothing from Wilder. Wilder seems to be overthinking, Fury lands a nice combination and backs Wilder up. Nice jab by Wilder. Wilder looking frustrated because he can’t get him. Fury scoring light combinations. Stiff Jab by Fury. Returned by Wilder. 10-9 Fury

Round 7: Left hook by Wilder. Great shot by Fury. Nice right by Fury. Again by Fury. Wilder letting hands go but Fury holds. Wilder really loading up on that right. Solid jab by Wilder. 10-9 Fury

Round 8: Feinting by Fury. Jab by Fury. Wilder trying different set-ups for that big right hand. Great footwork by Fury, double feinting. Wilder felt that right by Fury. Body hook by Wilder, lands a couple of shots, nothing substantial. 10-9 Fury

Round 9: Fury switches stances and back to orthodox. Jabs by Fury. Fury is down. That left hook and right hand put hurt Fury. Great work by Wilder, he needs to keep it up. Fury fights back, Wilder throwing everything. Fury’s clinch is very effective, Wilder looking dead tired. Nice left hook by Wilder. Fury looking recovered. 10-8 Wilder

Round 10: Fury comes looking for Wilder. Wilder looks exhausted, Fury clinches and leans all that weight on him. Fury looking strong. Wilder looking frustrated. 10-9 Fury

Round 11: Fury looking fresher than Wilder, pumping the jab and talking. Great head movement by Fury making Wilder miss by inches. Fury frustrating Wilder, feinting. Great left hand by Wilder and a body shot too. Fury holds on. 10-9 Fury

Round 12: Both come out tentatively. Great right hand by Wilder, Fury barely makes it. Fury holding on for dear life. Fury landing counters now. Wilder now holding on! This is incredible! Wilder is Hurt. It’s over. 10-8 Wilder


Decision: Draw…

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