Will August 26 be the fight of the century?

Fights don’t come any bigger than this potentially thrilling match. From the names on display to the estimated total cost of the event, the McGregor versus Mayweather match promises to be the biggest fight in history. Connor McGregor ‘mystic mac’, will go head to head with the undefeated Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather in Las Vegas in what is arguably the most lucrative boxing match in history. Win or lose estimates show that McGregor will rack up over $100 million and that is exclusive of the various endorsement deals. Mayweather, on the other hand, will definitely surpass the $250 million he received when he went head to head with Manny Pacquaio in 2015.

There is a general consensus among many that this event is potentially the biggest fight in history. The match features the current UFC ultimate champion, Connor McGregor, against the undefeated boxing great, Floyd Mayweather, who by far known as the best fighter of his generation. The hype with this match is not only based on the question of who will win, but also on what spectators themselves will walk away with. Many bookies campaign tons of betting odds to allow punters the chance to cash out big from this match. They also avail other innovative methods like allowing special betting requests by viewers.

The hot favourite for the fight is the money man, Floyd Mayweather. His imperious record which saw him retire without any defeat is too hard to go against. Floyd Mayweather in his career spanning over a decade, had a flawless professional performance of 49- 0. What he shows us in the past is a man who is not easy to contend with. His defence first tactics coupled by his miniature stature, makes him a difficult opponent to break easily. To his credit, Mayweather has a deadly left hook which can knock any fighter down in a matter of seconds. This technique will certainly work to his favour and his appetite for rising to the big occasion will come in handy.

Mayweather’s opponent on the other hand, McGregor, poses a different threat entirely. McGregor thrives on going toe to toe with his opponents rather than focusing on the defensive side. McGregor has incredible self-belief which has seen him win many fights that was tipped to struggle. If he can bring his A game, then we are in for a treat on August 26 no doubt.

The McGregor versus Mayweather event has attracted tons of hype and if it lives to the billing hen, it will go down as the biggest fight in history.

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