Yes, I was happy Mayweather outclassed McGregor. No, McGregor deserves no praise.

Immediately after the referee (Robert Byrd) stopped the Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor fight, I jumped on Facebook and unloaded on the Mayweather naysayers, more so, the boxing naysayers.  Since the fight was announced, people were telling me that Mayweather has never seen anything like McGregor.  “Conor will destroy him!” they would say.  Everyday they would tell me this.  People who don’t know anything about boxing.  They’re telling ME, a former Golden Gloves boxer and former amateur coach, that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I took this personal.  I have little respect for Floyd as a person, though I believe people can be redeemed, just hasn’t been the case yet, but as a boxer, an athlete, I am in awe.  Of course I believe a high-rated boxer would beat someone with very little-to-no boxing experience.  I reasoned that just because your hands are good enough to beat other mixed martial artists in the octagon, they will not serve you well in the squared-circle unless you spend years in a boxing gym. 

These UFC fans/McGregor fans were telling me that Mayweather has never been in the ring with someone like Conor.  That Floyd has never felt power like that from the mixed martial artist.  “Really..?” I would respond with a sarcastic tone.  I explained that he’s been in the ring with some of the hardest, most accurate punchers in the division.  He took Shane Mosley’s big right hand, survived Demarcus Corley’s onslaught, and neutralized Manny Pacquiao’s combination punching.  He made Saul “Canelo” Alvarez look… ordinary.  But yeah, tell me more how this guy is going to outbox a former pound-for-pound boxer in a boxing match…


By fight night, Conor McGregor had a lot of advantages.  He was 11 years younger, taller, has a longer reach, had been an active fighter, supposedly very powerful, was CLEARLY the bigger fighter (I’m guessing 15 pound weight advantage) and add this to Mayweather’s disadvantages like being 40 years of age & out of the ring for two years, well, McGregor should do well.  Pfft…  It was clear Mayweather carried him to the later rounds.  Floyd always spends the first few rounds feeling out his opponent and that night was no different.  Conor even lands a big uppercut in the first round, but it had little effect on the Floyd and said to me that if his power can’t shake up Mayweather, there’s no way he’s going to win.  In fact, by the middle rounds of this twelve round scheduled fight, Floyd Mayweather was stalking the bigger man.  He was walking down Conor McGregor.  Mayweather!?

Then Mayweather just kept landing punch after punch on McGregor, who learned that stamina in mma is not the same as stamina in boxing.  Conor was on the verge of being being knocked out, if not knocked out of the ring.  Honestly, the sadist in me wanted to see him knocked out, but the referee made the right call and saved Conor from a concussion.

I don’t want to hear about anymore mixed martial artists trying to make another payday that they do not deserve.  Honestly, it’s an insult to all the boxers striving for a big pay day by putting in the daily hard work and years of training in the BOXING gym.


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Justin M. Salvato is the creator & owner of BOXING 4 FREE. He's a former amateur boxer, former USA Boxing coach, and former boxing fitness instructor. These days he enjoys vintage computing, retro video games, and talking tech. He also writes a blog about the Coleco ADAM computer and some other retro stuff .

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