A Thanksgiving wish from The Boxing Diva

Thanks SquareThanksgiving is just around the corner and I have decided to invite the wonderful people who I’ve interviewed this year and a few boxing friends.  As I put the finishing touches on the traditional menu I promise it will contain a few surprises.  It’s time to set the dining room table which is no easy task. All that is left to do is wait for the guests to arrive bringing a holiday dish of their own choosing.


There’s the doorbell now and first to arrive is Sparkle Lee who brought with her the seating arrangements, so that our meal will be peaceful and argument free.  Next to arrive is Iceman John Scully carrying the turkey.  It’s a 28 pounder – I hope that will be enough to feed this crowd. This year I have asked Scully to do the honor of carving the turkey. Following on his footsteps we have Terri Moss with the stuffing and gravy.  She promises me there are no lumps.

My contribution to the meal will be a non-traditional dish of home-made stuffed shells since you can never have too much food.  Mangia!  Walking up the front steps we find Jenn Han with the mashed potatoes and the sweet potato casserole.  All the guests so far have made the rounds in greetings and have taken their places at the table.  The discussions around the table turn to fighting news and current events when the doorbell rings announcing Andrew Schweitzer with a green bean casserole and a dish of golden corn. Comanche Boy has a bowl of candied yams.   Bringing up the rear, carrying a gigantic bowl of peas and carrots and holding an enormous Caesar salad is Rachel Charles.  I hope we have enough homemade cranberry sauce or our meal could be a little on the dry side.

There seems to be some sort of commotion at the front door as I stick my head out of the kitchen, I can see Amy Green trying not to drop bottles of apple cider and wine while also trying to balance a basket of steamy hot parker house rolls.  The dining room table resembles a feast for a king or maybe a few kings but there are still a few more seats to fill before the holiday meal can officially begin.  As everyone is filling their water glasses and adjusting their napkins the doorbell rings hopefully for the last time and the dessert crew arrives in full force.  Jason Quigley has a bakery box of cupcakes, non-traditional but oh so good.  Hector Franco is carrying a basket of clementine’s.  Justin M. Salvato has brought an apple pie as well as two enormous pumpkin pies.  As the door closes, we see Eddie Chambers scurrying up the stairs with a fruit basket and some delicious chocolate covered strawberries. They are directed to put the desserts on a separate table and find their places at the dinner table.

Someone mentions that we have an empty seat so I pick up my fork to clink my water-glass for attention I announce that the seat is for our special guest Jeff Mayweather who will give the Thanksgiving blessing.  After the blessing and as the food begins to be passed from guest to guest, I sit back and smile at all the wonderful people who have come together for this very special meal.  Knowing that each and every one has added tremendous joy and blessings to my journalistic career.  Next year I think I’ll rent a hall so many more honored guests can attend.  One thing is for sure there will definitely be no leftovers with this crowd and I have one last burning question, “Who will do all these dishes?”  Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S.  I just caught a glimpse of Scully giving my cat Raven some pieces of turkey under the dining room table.  Boys will be boys.

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Judi Abate, the "Boxing Diva", has been interviewing the fighting community since 2007. Her trademark questions are sassy and unpredictable. She has contributed work to Diamond Boxing, Boxing Rant, and WBAN. Away from the PC she enjoys reading, shopping and painting. Her dream interview is Oscar De La Hoya.

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