Interview: Jeffrey Page Jr.

PageThumbJeffrey Page Jr. is an up and coming super middleweight from Andover, Kansas.  Jeff turned pro in 2013 and has fought 16 opponents. His record is 16-1-0 with (10 knock outs stated by Box Rec.  Jeff says he has 13 knock outs.)  Jeff is managed by his dad and trained by his uncle.

Jeff states, “Boxing is my career, it is not something I’m doing for fun.”  He is very serious about stepping up to the next level.  He will lace up his gloves once again on August 29th in Joplin, Missouri.  Jeff is a hard-working with great stamina, punching power and speed.  He can adapt to any boxing style with confidence.  Let’s meet Jeff:

Page1What attracted you to boxing?  I guess I would have to say my uncle and my father, when I was younger my uncle was training and him and my dad took me to the gym and I have loved it ever since.

Why do you box?  I box to one day become a World Champion

Describe your boxing style?  I am kind of  a boxer puncher; I like to move around and set traps and once I have you in my trap then I will let some bombs go.

Who is your trainer?  My trainer is my uncle he has always been in my corner since I was little.

Where do you train?  We train in my father’s 3 car garage that we converted into a gym.

Best punch?  I would have to say that my best punch would be my jab.

Are you an adrenalin junkie?  To an extent I can, I love the rush of fighting but you won’t catch me jumping out of a plane

The best part of being a fighter?  The best part of being a fighter is the opportunities that it has given me, being able to travel around the country and hopefully the world.

Greatest strength as a boxer?  My greatest strength would have to be my will to win because I know what I am fighting for.

One thing you need to work on more?  I need to work on throwing better combinations instead of just throwing punches to throw them.

What would you like to accomplish in the sport?  I want to be a world champ.

Page2Favorite fighters right now?  My favorite fighter right now is Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.

Your dream fight?  My dream fight would have to be against a very tough fighter in a tough fight. It is a close fight and coming up on the last couple of rounds both of us exhausted but the man who can dig the deepest becomes victorious.

What separates from others in your weight class?  What separates me is that fact that I am “Me”.  My family, my work ethic and my dedication.

When the bell rings, what is going through your mind?  When the bell rings I am thinking I cannot wait to land that first big shot.

How has boxing benefited you?  It has benefited me with the chance to meet many great people and have lifelong friends.

What is your main source of motivation?  My motivation is my Wife, my son and daughter. Without them I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dream

Do you have fun in the ring?  I have a lot of fun in the ring but not too much because it is still about business.

How can we keep boxing strong?  We can keep it strong by making the top fighters in each division fight each other instead of how most guys are looking for a payday. Boxing is not what is used to be but I can say it is on its way back.

Boxing Diva Questions

Page3Favorite color, music, snack, fruit and dessert: Blue, any type of music, doughnuts, bananas, carrot cake

Describe yourself in 3 words: Charming, thoughtful, territorial.

Best part of your body:  My arms and my butt, at least that’s what my wife thinks.

What scares you?  What scares me more than anything is heights.

Boxers or briefs?  Briefs all day.

Superhero power you would like to have?  I would like to have the power of invisibility, that way I could just be alone in the mist of the chaos that surrounds us.

Hobbies?  My hobbies would be playing with my kids and the occasional pickup game of basketball with my brothers.

Guilty pleasure?  Guilty pleasure would have to be my Xbox or my wife

Who is your hero?  My hero is my father, without him being the way he is I would not have turned out to be the man I am today.

Your stay fit food?  Definitely eggs, I can eat them all day.

What do you splurge on?  I splurge on my kids, I love to spoil them.

What makes you laugh out loud?  The guys that I work with.

Are you most like a wolf or an owl?  I would have to say I am more like a wolf.

If you were a candy bar which one would you be?  A Reese’s peanut butter cup, I’m smooth and delicious.

Last question-message to your fans.

Thanks for the continued support and stay tuned; big things are coming soon.

Jeff’s Twitter page.

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