Malik Scott will end Deontay Wilder’s win streak, tonight!

ScottMalik Scott is a fighter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and being a resident of that state, perhaps I have a bias, but I believe Scott will defeat Deontay Wilder tonight.  I have a feeling that Wilder’s team chose Scott, because he has a knock out loss on his good-looking record.  They probably feel that he is damaged goods.

A win over Scott, a fighter with a nice record and a good amateur career, would no doubt increase Wilder’s cache.  It would most likely propel him to a world title shot within a couple of fights.

Upon reviewing Malik Scott’s fight with Derek Chisora, it’s clear the stoppage was ridiculous.  Scott was not seriously hurt nor did he stay down for 10 seconds.  Perhaps Wilder’s team didn’t pay attention to what really happened in that fight or they simply think that Deontay Wilder is truly the better fighter.  Regardless of what they think, they will lose.

Simply  put, Malik is a better boxer than Deontay.  When I watch Deontay fight, I cringe.  I see this tall boxer give away his advantage in almost every fight; his height and reach.  He fights in close range.  While that has worked for him in every fight so far, it will not work against Scott who has better skills and knows how to score from the outside.   I originally thought he would stop Wilder, but I’m changing my prediction.  If Malik Scott keeps Wilder at a distance, I see him winning a decision.

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