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cooneyBoxing is a sport you either love or hate, understand or haven’t a clue.  Boxing is an acquired taste sort of like sushi.  I don’t like sushi but I love boxing.  My passion for the sport of boxing can be traced back to 3 important influences: My father’s love of the sport ( Marciano, Graziano, Dempsey, and La Motta), the Rocky movie and Gerry Cooney.

CooneyIf you followed boxing in the 80’s and early 90’s then you are sure to remember the name Gerry Cooney.

He has traded leather with numerous world champions accumulating a record of 28-3-0 (24 KO’s.)

His wins over Young, Lyle and Norton set up the popular and classic fight with Larry Holmes. His career has now been recorded for posterity, but those events only partially highlight the true essence of the man, the boxer, the legend Gerry Cooney.

Gerry Cooney is my “Rocky.”  His boxing career sparked a deep seated curiosity for “everything boxing” that continues to this day.  His boxing style with the powerful jab and his famous big left hook were spectacular to watch.  Gerry’s charismatic personality,and his sportsmanship inside the ring showcased his character. His tremendous courage against all odds, made such a lasting impression on me.

cooney foremanEverything about him was extraordinary.  He was my champion.  If it wasn’t for him I would not be involved in, or as passionate about, “the sweet science” as I am today.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing Gerry a few times over the years and he did not disappoint.  He was friendly, humble, intelligent, and inspiring.  At the end of an interview I told him, ” He was my hero, that he made boxing important for me.” He quietly answered back, “Thank you for being a fan.”

That is the kind of guy Gerry Cooney is.  The all around good guy and deserving of all my admiration.

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Judi Abate - "Boxing Diva"
Judi Abate, the "Boxing Diva", has been interviewing the fighting community since 2007. Her trademark questions are sassy and unpredictable. She has contributed work to Diamond Boxing, Boxing Rant, and WBAN. Away from the PC she enjoys reading, shopping and painting. Her dream interview is Oscar De La Hoya.

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