I honestly believe that is you could do the Tango, Merengue, the Salsa or any one of those Latin dances, you have a good chance of being a decent boxer.  Especially a defensive boxer.  The weave is not unlike a dance move.  Simple, elegant, and effective.  The weave is used against hooks and wide punches.

If your opponent throws a hook, slightly dip your body to the inside of his punch (similar to a slip), then bend your knees and roll under the punch, so that it goes right over your head and you’re now on the outside of his arm, raise yourself up and into your normal stance. The weave, also known as the roll, looks as though you’re making the letter ‘U’ underneath his arm.  Remember to keep your hands up around your head while you’re doing this!   If you feel off-balanced, take a small step in the direction of your roll to maintain balance.  This is also good if you plan on stepping-off to retreat.