Focus Mitts

A focus mitt looks like a catcher’s glove and are used in a similar way. A catcher’s gloves receives a baseball from a pitcher while a focus mitt receives a fist from a boxer. Focus mitts are sometimes referred to as focus pads, punch mitts, or simply, “the pads.”

The purpose of the focus mitts is to fine tune your technique and to provide an excellent cardiovascular work-out. Not only can you work a boxer’s offense, but their defense as well.There are two common methods for holding the focus mitts. In the video clip above, the first method has the holder positioning the mitts at a 90 degree angle.

The second method is held at a very wide angle, but be sure that the mitts are NOT held far apart from one another in either method. The pads are not stationary; they should meet the punch halfway.  Do not leave the pads by your shoulders, push them out to meet the boxer’s punch, in other words, CATCH the punch. We will be using the second method of holding the mitts in this section. The following videos will show how to hold the mitts for the basic punches. *Note* The boxer is a beginner, this is his first time doing this.

Video Demonstrations

As I said earlier, you can use the focus mitts to work a boxer’s defense as well. In between throwing punches, the holder should throw some punches back to the boxer, to keep him aware of defense at all times. You can also incorporate this in the combinations. For example, if you hold the mitts for a jab-cross-hook then you throw a hook to the body of the boxer, he then can return a rear upper-cut-hook-cross. See what you can come up with. Experiment. Get creative. The following videos will show how to use the mitts to work a boxer’s defense.

If you, as a boxer or a coach, are new to boxing and would like to get some pad work done, a simple, but effective way of using the mitts is with the step & repeat method. Basically, choose a combination to use the entire length of the first round. In the second round, choose a NEW combination to ADD to the first combination. Do that for the entire round. In the third round, choose yet another NEW combination to ADD to the first two combinations. Do that for the entire round. And for every round after that, repeat.

* Thank you Jackie for assisting me.

If you would like to improve your counter-punching reaction, a good way to do that is with repetitive pad work. First, go over what punches your want to defend against, how to defend against it, and what punches to throw back as a counter. Then drill it! Repetition is the key.

* Thank you AJ for assisting me.